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LOGFILE No. 16/2017 – 130 Elements You Need for a World-Class Technical Agreement

130 Elements You Need for a World-Class Technical Agreement

An excerpt from the GMP Series Technical Agreement and Delimitation of Pharmaceutical Responsibilities

by Dr. Christine Oechslein

We have prepared for you pages 3 and 6 of the example document. Please click on the following link to read the excerpt.



There are many possible ways to describe and create contracts. Thus, there are numerous variations in the contract samples available today.

As there are no legally binding requirements for contract denominations or contents, it is important that every company create its own contract structure – that should be kept as simple as possible and used consistently.

Delimitations are always individual agreements. Content and extent may vary depending on the outsourced task. To make things easier, you can use the standard drafts of our new download, which can easily be adapted and extended.


Dr. Christine Oechslein
GMP-Praxis, Bad Säckingen