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LOGFILE No. 31/2017 – GMP-Compliance-Index 2017

GMP-Compliance-Index 2017

Join in now and further your knowledge!

by Thomas Peither

Each and every day you make a valuable contribution to the manufacturing of safe medicines. Implementing GMP regulations and being monitored by authority inspectors and industry auditors are essential parts of your working life.

We have been wondering about the current status and would like to find out more about what you really think:

  • Do you struggle with the GMP regulations and compliance requirements?
  • Do you sometimes think it could all be so much easier?
  • Have you ever asked yourself how your counterparts feel about the overall GMP situation?

With the aid of this GMP-Compliance-Index we would like to get to know as many views as possible, analyse and format them into a presentation.

In conclusion it will be evident to see what can and must be changed.

And it is your anonymous answers to the questions that will help us recognise potential for improvement.

The survey covers inspections by authorities (part 1), audits by suppliers (part 2) and comprises 13 to 25 questions.

You may find that you only need to answer part 1 (i.e. manufacture by marketing authorization holder), or part II (i.e. machine supplier) or both parts I and II (i.e. contract manufacturer). Depending on your particular field of activity, you will find that the time required to complete the questionnaire will vary. However, it should not take more than about 15 to 20 minutes.

Click here to get to the survey GMP-Compliance-Index 2017.

How will you serve to benefit?
We will evaluate the data for you, summarize them and publicize a synopsis.

All participants in the survey will receive a synopsis of the results (value 69 €) free of charge.

Please take 15-20 minutes and give us the benefit of your professional assessment by answering the questions.

By the way, we will be repeating this survey every year in order to reflect the latest trends and changes in your branch and to give you the opportunity to adapt your company’s processes accordingly.

Go to GMP-Compliance-Index 2017 for more information.



Thomas Peither
Maas & Peither AG – GMP Publishing
Schopfheim, Germany
E-Mail: thomas.peither@gmp-publishing.com