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Areas of Application for E-Learning and Advantages of E-Learning

Areas of Application for E-Learning and Advantages of E-Learning

4 min. reading time | by Christine Oechslein


E-learning can be seen as didactically meaningful support in the learning process. More and more people prefer to use their PCs and the internet instead of attending seminars or reading documents. The younger generation in particular, who grew up with computers, can absorb a lot of learning content better and faster through e-learning, or can already work out familiar contents in addition.

In the GMP area, e-learning is an efficient method for the following areas.

GMP starter and basic trainings

When consistent or recurring learning content is communicated to new people over a longer period of time e-learning is very useful: no newcomer has to wait for a training date and special retraining measures in case of missed seminar dates are not necessary.

Refresher training on general topics

such as protocol keeping, behaviour in case of deviations or prevention of contamination can be processed by a large number of employees independently of each other with the help of qualified e-learning modules.

GMP short training courses for external craftsmen

In many companies, GMP instructions for external persons are given annually in the form of e-learning. Especially for this target group, integrated success controls and training certificates are important.

Verification of knowledge acquired through self-study

In addition to self-study or to prove the success of the training, exam questions can be asked and evaluated on the computer.

Evaluation of the level of knowledge before determining the individual training requirements

In order to evaluate the training needs of individual persons or groups, the level of knowledge can be evaluated with the help of the computer. In contrast to paper-based tests, which are completed in the presence of an examiner, the test at the computer is not time-dependent.
Also, there is no need to generate test forms yourself because good electronic systems randomize the answer choices and randomly select test questions from a pool.

Preparation of classroom training (lift courses)

If the level of training of the participants of a classroom training is very different, then a suitable e-learning module is recommended for preparation, which compensates for knowledge gaps in the learners (so-called lift courses). This gives the trainer the opportunity to build on a uniform level of knowledge in the subsequent classroom training.

Supplement or replacement of classroom training with high level of factual knowledge

Although the learning objective of most GMP training courses is not the acquisition of factual knowledge, there are subject areas in which the share of simple cognitive knowledge (knowing concepts, understanding connections) predominates.

Since learning speed and memory for such learning content vary greatly, individual learning on the computer has great advantages in this case.


In many cases, missed classroom training can be replaced by suitable learning programs that every learner can work on before resuming his or her work.

Special topics

For special topics that only concern a small target group, face-to-face training is often unprofitable. Here e-learning can serve as a substitute for seminars.

Training of temporally or spatially separated persons

Persons who are prevented from taking part in classroom training due to shift work, employment at another location or in the field, can receive the learning content they need with the help of e-learning programmes.

Advantages of e-learning

  • high efficiency, i.e. time and cost savings
  • high effectiveness, i.e. learning success and high satisfaction
  • training according to your needs and previous knowledge
  • individual working speed, possibility of interruptions
  • no group pressure, no disturbances caused by difficult attendee
  • repetitions according to your requirements, e.g. after incorrectly solved exercises or tests
  • increased acceptance of continuing education
  • temporal and spatial independence from the trainer
  • large groups can be trained independently of each other
  • no simultaneous loss of working hours for several trainees
  • no special retraining required
  • integrated success controls, statistics and certificates
  • possibility to train topics for which there are no in-house trainers available
  • relief of GMP trainers from repeat events
  • possibility to combine learning with the company's knowledge management
Christine Oechslein


Christine Oechslein, PhD
GMP Trainer
E-Mail: c.oechslein@gmp-praxis.de
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