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EMA: Brexit Preparedness Plan in Phase 4

The relocation of the European Medicines Agency EMA to the Spark building in Amsterdam is proceeding according to plan. The move from London to Amsterdam should be completed by 1 March 2019. From 4 March, the EMA will then officially operate under a new address and the EMA staff will move into the new domicile in the week from 11 to 15 March.

At the same time, Stage 4 of the Business Continuity Plan was kicked off. Until the end of April, only category 1 activities will be carried out (we reported). The focus will be on the authorisation, maintenance and supervision of medicinal products, ongoing Brexit implementation activities and preparation for the implementation of the new veterinary legislation. The EMA's workforce at that time will only be around 25 %. After completion of the move in April 2019, the EMA will review all other activities that may be continued in the second half of 2019. The work plan created for this purpose can be found here.


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