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EU and Health Canada plan to include GMP inspections on APIs in MRA

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada also includes the CETA GMP Protocol. In continuation of the MRA of 2003 between the EC and Health Canada this protocol also confirmed the  continued  mutual  recognition  of  GMP  inspections  and  batch  certification  between  EU  and  Canada  for  medicinal  products  for  human  use  and  veterinary medicines.

In a first conference of the Joint Sectoral Group (JSG, a specialized committee established under the Committee on Trade in Goods of CETA protocol) on pharmaceuticals, further arrangements were discussed. Possible extensions of the scope would be to include GMP inspections of active substance manufacturers and inspections conducted in third countries.

Following a recently expanded MRA with Japan and a MRA with the US FDA, this would be another move to make better use of inspection resources by reducing duplicate inspections in each other’s territory and eventually in third countries.



European Commission