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Introduction GMP Compliance Adviser

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Auszeichnung für den GMP Compliance Adviser

GMP-Wissen, das überzeugt.


Am 07. Juni 2016 erhielt der Maas & Peither GMP Verlag einen SIPAward in der Kategorie „Best New Success Story“ mit der Wissensdatenbank GMP Compliance Adviser (damals GMP MANUAL) zum Thema „Safe Drugs through Better GMP Understanding“.

GMP Compliance Adviser

Good Manufacturing Practice & Implementation

The GMP Compliance Adviser is the most comprehensive GMP database worldwide. It combines theory and practice in one source. The GMP Compliance Adviser is presented in two parts:

GMP in Practice
GMP interpretations written by noted industry specialists and according to international GMP regulations.

GMP Regulations
The most important GMP regulations from Europe, USA, Japan, PIC/S, ICH, WHO and many more.

GMP Compliance Adviser
Online Single Licences
The Online Single Licences allow access to the database for one named user. Choose between:
  • monthly subscription
  • yearly subscription
regularly updated

GMP Compliance Adviser
Online Corporate Licence
With the Corporate Licence all employees of your company will have access to the GMP Compliance Adviser Online. Everybody does work with one source. Available as:
  • Subscriber licence (long-term) licence
regularly updated

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